1997/1998 MIJ  1966  Jaguar RI
1997/1998 MIJ  1966  Jaguar RI

S#: A-038843

A real beauty with all electronics working perfectly.
This guitar is a 1994/95 Reissue of the famous 1966 Jaguar!

Hardshell Case - Tremolo Bar - Bridge Cover included.

Sunburst finish! <>  =USA= Pickups!!!
Excellent Condition!
Great Player!!  <>  Great Collector Item!!
A beautiful guitar!
Fender Jaguar 66' ReIssue JG66 Japan CIJ Fuji-Gen Plant


Claims like this have been going around, mainly on eBay:

"Japanese Jaguars manufactured for the Japanese domestic market are made to far better standards than those made for export to the United States/elsewhere "

This is almost certainly untrue, as is the claim that CIJ models are superior to MIJ. In the mid 90's, Fender of Japan changed the decal next to the serial number to read "Crafted In Japan" , where the decal had previously read "Made In Japan". This change is simply cosmetic. No other changes took place at this point. Changes have occurred on the Japanese Jaguars in the past though. I know that the earlier ones had basswood bodies and shielding plates in the routes. Nowadays, body seems to be alder and there are no shielding plates. Construction/materials quality may have varied over the years. Fretboard is veneer on all that I've seen. Japanese body and neck are finished in polyurethane gloss, have pearl dots, black Fender logo surrounded by gold, similar to the ones from the late '60's and onwards.

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