Glen & Jovanka Burke
Conroe, TX
Monday, 7/8/13, 12:20 AM
Thanks so much for the hospitality and how much at home Toni and you made us feel.
Can't wait to see y'all again.
I truly love the Les Paul.
Thanks again my friend. We shall definately be doing business again.
Most of all it's having the ability to see y'all again that shall matter the most.

Sincerely, Glen & Jovanka Burke

Hi Jerry,

Yesterday I received the well packaged Tele! That's just about the limit.
It was really hard to find an American Telecaster MN in vintage white.
She's in perfect shape and plays like a charm.
I changed the pickguard from black to white (see attached pics),
many thanks for the white one!!!

Thank you very much for the excellent communication and the detailed
pictures on your website, superb!
The search is over. I'm happy.  Have a nice time!

All the best, Matthias Grunwald
23552 Lübeck   West Germany
Feb 16, 2014

Thanks again for being such a great seller! I wanted to submit a review--
if you don't want to use it, it won't hurt my feelings.

The 2007 Fender Telecaster American Deluxe Ash ('52 reissue) is everything my husband wanted. I searched every nook and cranny online until I came across your website through Craigslist. As I told you, I stalked your website for 3 - 4 months. I did my own research leading up to the purchase to make sure you were giving the best deal AND I researched to make sure this Fender really was a Fender. Your pictures were super helpful and cumulative, the description was accurate and this guitar is really in excellent condition as you described.

I was only going to purchase a guitar for him that was probably not as substantial, but when I thought about it, I wanted to go big or not purchase at all. Although he isn't a professional player, this guitar is a great piece--very beautiful and plays like a dream. We appreciate that you answered my questions and you allowed us to stop by and test it out.

Kudos Jerry, for every few sellers I came across, time and time again your many pictures and detailed post really sold me to make an appointment with you. I have read so many Fender forum reviews where people bought online with little to no pictures and little did they realize, they purchased a fake! Many buyers cautioned that if a seller wasn't willing to post every single angle of the product--be weary! Well, just want to say, thanks for being a stand up seller, for knowing the market and being reasonable, and for being nice.

Needless to say, I don't exist to my husband anymore, but then again,
I purchased this knowing I have been missing my free time to do my own thing anyway
--thanks for the comfort of a good buy!!


P.S. Attached is a picture he took after we purchased. Please use it if you like.

Hi Jerry
The Legacy just arrived. As I said, I'll give you a more in-depth review as soon as I played it a bunch.
So far, everything's great and there were no bad surprises when I opened the box.

The neck feels & plays like butter; frets obviously don't look like new, but I'm amazed at their condition, especially comparing to my 2000 MIM Fender Strat. Pick Ups are in good condition too; gotta test them with my JCM900 at the rehearsal room this evening before I can fully judge on their sound. They do sound great with
my 6W bedroom amp however.

I'm also absolutely amazed by the color; Never seen such a sophisticated, discreet looking sunburst in my life. Typical Fender Am. Standard bursts that I'm comparing it to look like some comics or kindergarten painting compared to this beautiful thing. And, my back is loving it too; Feels even lighter than
the Eric Johnson Strat I played.
Hope this little review does the legacy and your great service some justice for now.
As I stated before, I'm totally positive about doing business with you again as soon
as I have the $$$ and find something in your guitar boutique that I really want.

Bern, Switzerland  8-27-13

Troy Michael
'52 Tele RI
I heard about Jerry’s guitars through a friend who recently bought three Tele’s off Jerry and had nothing but nice things to say. I checked out his site often and finally pulled the trigger when I found what I was looking for. With great prices and even better service, Jerry treated my like I’ve known him for years,  I will continue coming back!

Innocent Words Magazine <> Oakwood, Ill


Chris Kamp   Cincinnati, Ohio
1998 Guild Starfire III Flame Maple

Amazing guitar, it does not look or feel like it is 13 years old, not a scuff, scratch, or mark on the thing...... I've never owned a Guild, but this guitar is a beautifully hand crafted piece of art .... I have spent just as much time examining it as I have been playing it ! And the action is incredible, I think the neck and action is better than my Gibson Les Paul.... and the workmanship, attention to detail on this guitar beats any Gretsch I have ever owned. AAA+++ , 100% satisfied !!
I would say get a better camera so the pictures on your website give a better representation of how incredible the guitar is, but, that would take away from the amazement, awe, and wonder I felt when I opened the case !! And the case.... not a scratch, ding or mark on it..... uh, did someone ever play this thing, or did they keep it under their bed until I was ready to buy it ?!!


Mark Latham     West Hollywood, Calif
1990 Fender Ultra Strat

Hey there Jerry.

Couldn't put it down yesterday. I'm quite impressed with how untouched this guitar seems knowing full well it's 20 years old. It feels new! How did you find this gem with zero wear and tear?  I usually won't ever buy a guitar without playing it first, but as I mentioned, this particular make/model/color had sentimental value for me, & I am more than satisfied with the condition.

Thanks again!   -- mark latham


Joe Ferla
Grammy Award Winning Producer/Engineer!
Stamford, New York
'63 ES-335 Gibson  RI

Dear Jerry,

I can't thank you enough for this guitar that I have been blessed with. I own an original '63 ES335 that is perfect and worth a lot of money. I haven't been able to stop playing this guitar, but at the same have been so paranoid about scratching it, denting it and ruining my investment. Here's where you come in. I decided I wanted the '63 Historic ES 335 Re-issue. Well, you had one, a very special one. I couldn't believe the condition of this guitar when it arrived.....perfect, pristine, gorgeous. It's a player to boot. Now I can't stop playing this one. I actually like it better than my vintage! I had it set up by a very reputable luthier in NYC who said to quote him "This is one of the best 335's I've ever worked on, you have an awesome guitar here". He was genuinely blown away by this guitar, as am I. I thought I would never find a 335 that would come close to my vintage '63 and here I am with one I like more. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. You have been an absolute gentleman with correspondence every step of the way. I never had to guess as to what was going on. This purchase has been one of the most pleasurable experiences. You are a GREAT guy and I would highly recommend you to anyone looking to purchase a great guitar from an honest straight shooter.

Sincerely, Joe Ferla

John Charney     Carrolltown, PA 15722
Gibson ES-335 Diamond Limited Edition

JC!  I received the guitar about an hour and a half ago, and she's gorgeous.  I didn't wanna keep her out of the case too long, since I want the guitar to acclimate itself to the weather here in its case.  But I gave her a quick once over, and she's beautiful.  The pearl white finish is really different.  Has a bit of a subtle glittery texture that I've never seen before.  Very unique.  The binding is classy too.  Just need to shine the gold hardware up a bit, rub some lemon oil on the fretboard, throw on a new set o' strings, and she'll be purring like a kitten and growling like a tiger.

I will be putting new strings on and having her set-up on Thursday, and possibly sitting in with my friend's band on Fri., so I'll let you know what the tones are like.  Gotta be heavenly.  Most of all, the neck feels really smooth and comfortable.  The guitar in general is solid and comfortable at the same time.

Thanks again for the correspondence, and the guitar!  And I will be listening to your cd soon.  I'll give ya a head's up on the heavenly tones I anticipate hearing very soon.

Hope you are well, and stay cool...The Other JC


Tony Woodward
1967 Gretsch Viking
June 2010

Maaaaaaaaaate!! Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeehaaaa!!!! The Viking now lives at Woodyville. It is STUPENDOUS!!
I was born for Gretsch, ( and er! Gibson, Fender, Maccafferri, Ovation, etc etc, ), but mostly Gretsch.
The tuners are awesome, too smooth, I kid you not. A new set of light gauge strings will be fitted, nothing wrong with the strings fitted, however I like lighter gauge.
In 1967 they sure knew how to gold plate to last. I see ads for jap white falcons from like 2000 on which say things like, the gold hardware shows some pitting which is usual?
The gold plating on this is so clean its not funny. Likewise the nitrocellulose micro organic earth friendly lacquer is cool, not a refinish?, I don’t think so.
I’ve only just now started to play with this guitar as we speak, to say that I am deeeeliiited is the understatement of the millennium. There could easily be more emails through our West Aussie Night,  Hammerblow is out of his tree.

You are now a bona fide Aussie style icon!

Cheers    Tony ( Rock God)


Richard Sparks
Beverly Hills, Calif  90210
1984 Gibson 335 Custom Shop
Oct 2010

Hi Jerry,

         The guitar has arrived and really is a beauty.  It's in fabulous shape, and is sitting beside its older brother -- by 44 days.

This is, as I thought, a CMT model -- Curly Maple Top -- which were only made  between 83 and 85 by the Custom Shop.  (although Guitar Center commissioned 100  in 1988, not quite the same as these though). 

They're all different -- my other one has gold t/v knobs, for example.  Some had  gold-plated hardware, but I haven't seen one of those.  As you know, in those days  the newly-formed Custom Shop was exactly that -- every instrument was a custom  order.  Nowadays, every guitar Gibson makes seems to be called Gibson Custom --  so it doesn't mean anything any more.

These CMT's are rare, and I've been looking for another one for a while.  I'm  delighted to find one in such pristine condition.  And with the PAF stickers still on  the pickups -- lovely.

Sounds spectacular plugged and unplugged. I'll send you a pic of them both if I can get my wife's camera to talk to my computer.

By the way, I inquired about that one you linked me to, on eBay -- and Joe's Guitar  Shop (also in Texas) still has that one on its shelves.  I think his prices are hugely  optimistic -- especially in these times.  At under $3k I'd be interested, but not at  $5,000.  And $7,500 for a "Ferrari Red" one?  Not even a custom shop model...

Thanks also for the CD.  I remember a couple of fine parties in Texas, many moons  ago, I look forward to listening to it.

All the best,  Richard


Lake Worth, Florida
Tacoma PM28 Acoustic

The Tacoma PM28 arrived safe and sound yesterday afternoon.
After several hours of acclimatizing to my house, I tuned it up and played about 90 minutes.
Fabulous! It's all I hope it would be--great action, tone, sustain and damn "purty".

Thanks and perhaps we'll do biz again.

June 6, 2013

Michael Dalton    Houston, Texas
Gibson Nighthawk

Hey Jerry,  Nice meeting you today, and **thank you** for a sweet deal on my 1st Gibson guitar, I really like it a lot. Up till now I have had a Korean PRS and an old Schafer electric This thing is pretty sweet, so I wanted to be sure to circle back 'round and say think you very much. It sounds great, and is much more comfortable for me as a "new" guitarist.

Thanks again!  Be well,   =M.
Michael Dalton

Justin Pickard  Dallas Texas
Vintage 1974 Gibson ES335

Jerry Cochran gave me a great deal on a '74 Gibson ES-335 and it is now my #1, go-to axe for live shows and studio work. He was very patient and helpful as I shopped through his awesome guitar collection and I didn't feel pressured in the least.
Cochran is one cool cat and I strongly recommend checking out Jerry's Guitar Boutique! Good communication and easy scheduling. Also, his website is very informative and up-to-date, with great photos and simple navigation. Hell, my Gibson was removed from his website by the time I made it back to my hotel room! How's that for up-to-the-minute?  Professional. Punctual. Easy-going. 

You rock, Jerry!!!
-Justin Pickard/Sidekick Mafia

Casey C. Bond  Houston, Texas  1995 Sheraton

Jerry,  Thanks again, it was very nice visiting with you.  Also, i just cleaned the guitar, oiled the fretboard, restrung it, and reset the action.  It sounds great and plays just as nice. On a side note, I removed the paper from the hardware (bridge/tailpiece bolts) and I actually loved the idea so I replaced it with teflon plumbing tape-works beautifully.
I am very happy with my purchase, and I look forward to MANY years with it.
Thank you  for helping this beautiful guitar find its way into my home.

Regards,  Casey C. Bond
July 19, 2012

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Joe Palmer
Dallas Texas
1965 USA Epi

Jerry thanks a million
I got busy and got sick but im back and going strong! I love the guitar the condition is insane!!
You were not joking, see some folks say its near mint and it never is but the epi was clean enough to eat off it!
Ive got some mid60s guitars but thats the cleanest ive seen in a long time. I hope to maybe get more of your stuff one day (if you ever wanna a break a deal on the paisley let me know : )
Thanks again -  you rock!!


JUUUUHUUUUUUUUUU :-)))))))))))))))))

i got the guitar right now :-). i am so happy, i am loving it, that´s a killer guitar!!!!
very beautiful, thank you very much jerry, for all your help!!! i am really happy!!!!!!
hope you are doing well!
THANX, hope to hear from you, and maybe when i am in the states we will meet :-),

all the best  JIMI
Jimi Dolezal   Vienna, Austria
1992 G&L Leo Fender ASAT    9/05/11

Craig Oberman     Nyack, NY 10960
'52 Telecaster RI

Hi Jerry,
I picked up the guitar at Fed-Ex after work - you were right - this is one fine instrument. Action is great and the V neck is comfortable and fast.  I just spent the last couple of hours playing everything from old Merle Haggard tunes like Mama Tried to Merle Travis style fingerpicking.  When I cranked up the volume..hit the "fat" switch, added some reverb & started playing the Bass Run from Folsom Prison Blues the walls started to shake & my wife shut me down!!

  I am listening to your CD as I write this and really enjoying it. I haven't heard a lot of these tunes in a long time..Nice Job on Big City!

One last thing - When I opened the compartment on the nice vintage tweed case, I found a bag of herbs in water sealed with electrical tape....Is this to humidify the guitar, or a Texas style marinade to use at my next barbecue?!!!

                        Good luck with your new home & give me a shout if you ever find yourself close to NY,

Roberto Flores    Houston, Texas
Gretsch White Falcon

Jerry just so you know the Falcon is AMAZING!!
Thanks again… It will definitely be used at church this Sunday and I’m sure people will love it!

All of my buddy’s are amazed by it… Lots of MOJO..
See you soon!!  BF

Dallas Red <> Chicago Ill
1995 G&L ASAT Classic


The guitar came today, and it is amazing! I can't believe it's 12 years old and still looks this good, and  the sound is really better than I could have imagined. Thank you so much for selling this to me, I'm so happy with this guitar; and the way your store does business is exceptional, thanks again.  Everything was perfect!

Take care, Dallas

Sheraton II
0380 <> This Page Updated: July 24, 2017
2012 Les Paul
Traditional  Plus
March 26, 2013
Hi Jerry,

I saw your ad trying to sell the Gibson 335. 
Last December I bought an Jorma Kaukonen Epiphone 335 from you. 
Man that has turned out to be my favorite guitar..
What an incredible value, craftmanship, vibe..  

Anyway just thought I'd say hi and I'm a happy customer. 
Good luck with your other sales.

Naked Cactus Music Group

1993 Legacy  Aug 21, 2013
Shipped to:
Bern, Switzerland


Hi ya Jerry
The Gretsch has just arrived all intact. She landed yesterday
and cleared customs (no duty) so that was good .
It is beautiful looks a million dollars great action.
All the photos and wording were exactly as the guitar came.
You have made an old man VERY HAPPY.
MANY MANY THANKS TO YOU and good luck.  Will send some photos later.

HI YA BAZ from Australia
I have been searching for an Eddie Cochran Gretsch for a while but none were available in Oz or in fact USA.
And then I came across JERRY'S GUITAR BOUTIQUE and there it was (not a signature or tribute )
but the right model Gretsch 6120 - W - 1957.
On Jerry's description and photos, I bought the guitar.  After 6 days traveling she arrived.
With anticipation I opened the case to see the most beautiful guitar I have ever seen!
I am a very happy man!


Barry Price  Sunday 6/22/14
  Victoria 3915 Australia

Shipped to:
Luebeck, Germany
2004 Telecaster
Jerry's Guitar Boutique
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